Automated Patient Reminders

Add smartphone text messaging, email, and phone call appointment reminders to almost eliminate no-shows. .Care patient reminders use multiple touches to eliminate the possibility of your patients forgetting their appointments.

The average no-show rate is 23% across the globe. For a 10-provider practice, that equates to at least $857,808 in lost revenue annually. 90% of text messages get read within 3 minutes. .Care’s innovative appointment reminder service for providers will text and email or email and call so that there are always multiple touches, eliminating the possibility of your patients forgetting their appointments.

We all lead busy lives and the single biggest reason why patient’s no-show is conflicts or other reasons why they are not able to make the scheduled appointment. When you use .Care, you make it easy for patients to modify their appointments any day at any time. Patients will love the convenience, and you’ll receive instant revenue growth from the reduction in no-shows.

.Care has the most robust telehealth workflows with a 99+% connection rate and instant support available to both patients and providers. If your patient ever has any trouble connecting to the call, .Care offers instant chat technical support for both providers and patients. With an average response time of 23 seconds, you and your patients can get the support they need at any time of day.

Automated SMS, Email, & Voice Appointment Reminders

Patient demographics and appointments are pulled automatically from your EHR. .Care sorts through your contact information and automatically sends patient appointment reminders with the day, date, time, address, provider, etc. .Care can look up phone numbers automatically to determine whether to send a text and email or a phone call and email.

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