Artificial Intelligence

.Care's machine learning algorithm predicts no-shows and cancellations before they happen with up to 99% accuracy.

How it Works

Our software reviews basic demographic and appointment data easily accessible from your master scheduling system.
As soon as our software receives the appointment, an initial prediction is made with 90+% accuracy. The algorithms run millions of times to improve accuracy and make small adjustments specific to your organization.
Your organization can now look at your schedule days or weeks out and understand what appointments are at risk of non-attendance.
.Care automatically engages low- and high-risk appointments differently. We pursue high-risk appointments intelligently to gather confirmations or cancellations, accomplishing as high as 99% predictive accuracy. All of the data is also communicated back to the master schedule.

Our Artificial Intelligence Software Fully Integrates with the .Care Platform and Tools

If a patient completes their intake forms, they are 98-99% more likely to attend their appointment. The AI software can move that data automatically into the EHR/OMS creating additional operational efficiency.

Patients that self-schedule are less likely to no-show or cancel. Easy rescheduling allows patients to communicate better when they have conflicts to reduce no-shows and cancellations. Rescheduling with the AI software can bi-directionally integrate with the EHR/OMS for full automation while staff perform higher-value tasks.

3. Telemedicine Adds Convenience for Patients and Providers

Our AI software can intelligently offer HIPAA-compliant telehealth to high-risk appointments. Telehealth appointments on .Care’s platform have extremely low no-show and cancellation rates. .Care has the most robust telehealth workflows with a 99+% connection rate and instant support available to both patients and providers.

4. Hundreds of EHR/OMS Integrations

.Care offers exceptional EHR/OMS integration capability, including Epic, Allscripts, Nextgen, Athena, Echo Group and hundreds more.

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