Telehealth by Specialty

Telehealth has increased access to specialty care providers and there are a lot of evidence supporting its utility and benefits.

Benefits for Patients

Telehealth connects patients to specialized medical services that may be otherwise unavailable in their local area. This also helps patients to avoid traveling long distances in order to see a specialty service provider in-person.

Telehealth also helps to reduce unnecessary in-person visits and wait periods. Children will also have access to more specialty care when telehealth is an available option.

Benefits for Providers

Telehealth consults enable specialists to connect with their patients more regularly, which increases their ability to make better diagnoses and develop appropriate care plans. Scheduling also becomes more streamlined if the specialist is regularly available for telehealth appointments.

Some examples of telehealth appointments include (but are not limited to):

  • Patient intake and evaluation
  • Health monitoring
  • Lab work and test result review
  • Chronic care management

.Care can ultimately grow and expand your practice, serving more patients and improving overall practice efficiency. 

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