Telehealth for Speech Therapy

As a practicing speech therapist, your time is your biggest asset. With .Care, you can manage your schedule more efficiently and maximize your revenue.

Patients receiving speech therapy can benefit from using telehealth. A study involving school-aged children explored the effectiveness of speech language services delivered via telehealth versus in-person therapy. It found that the participants in both groups made similar progress. Plus, participants and their parents also reported that they were very satisfied with the outcome when using telehealth.

Plus, as a speech therapist, you can make your sessions more interactive to include tools and items that are available to the patient, without having to continue to use worksheets or repetitive exercises. You can keep your (younger) patients engaged and progressing over your video calls. There are so many ways to implement these skills in their daily lives, and telehealth just supports this natural everyday adaptation.

As a speech therapists virtual tool, .Care reduces the amount of time you spend commuting. Patients are also more likely to keep their appointment with you because if they don’t have to commute either.

Some ways speech therapists can use .Care include (but are not limited to):

  • One-on-one speech therapy in real-time, face-to-face, without leaving home
  • Administering therapies using tools anyone can access from home
  • Regular check-ins to monitor progress and address any difficulties

Today’s patient desires convenience and they expect a virtual option to be available to them. Being a speech therapist who offers telehealth services positions you as a cutting-edge provider who is willing to modernize your service to ensure people receive the treatment they need.

.Care is versatile and convenient. Patients can even book their own appointments, and this can integrate into your current EHR or OMS program. Your appointments can be conducted from anywhere you have access to a device with an internet connection. .Care is fully automated with appointment reminders and patient forms.

Modernize and simplify your professional life. Check out .care today.

Benefits of .Care

You can treat more patients, expand your reach and target more areas.

A study showed about 76% of patients care more about access to healthcare than need for human interactions with their healthcare providers.

Telehealth is not necessarily limiting.

There are several ways you can administer your services over a telehealth video call. For example, hearing aid manufacturers are also transitioning to a more virtual approach, so hearing aid programming can be done remotely through the hearing aid app.

Having a telehealth option available helps patients who have limited mobility or cannot drive.

A lot of older patients must rely on others to get them to appointments. .Care can be set up for them and give them more flexibility.

Ease of use.

.Care allows you to see more patients and process payments ahead of visits securely, ensuring you are paid for services.

People are shown to be receptive to Telehealth.

Telemedicine is changing the way we experience healthcare. A recent study showed that about 74% of patients in the U.S. would use telehealth services.

Less overhead – Efficiency saves money!

.Care has several features, one key feature being EHR/OMS integration so your records will automatically update when a patient makes an appointment, submits a form or reschedules their appointment. They will also receive automated text, email, & voice appointment reminders.

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